The MR43 project goes against anything regular or labelled “normalˮ. Have you chosen nothing from our wide range of single-track extravagance? Then there’s only one option left for you: have a motorcycle built to order by us. A motorcycle only you will have, one of a kind. Your ticket to the royal class called “custom bikesˮ. Nothing is impossible and your imagination and taste is all that matters. MR43 SPEED SHOP comprises a team of skilled designers and mechanics, who have been active on the European custom scene since mid-1990s and managed to score success at both local and foreign custom shows. The MR43 project brought them together and “forcedˮ them to cooperate. MR43 SPEED SHOP has been open since 2012 and can boast several very radical conversions and tens of various modifications. We make no distinctions between motorcycles and there are no castes. It doesn’t matter what you come with and what your idea is… For every motorcycle we can “tailor a coatˮ that will suit it. From supersports and superbikes modified for racing rounds, to classic café racers, scramblers, radical choppers and members of the still popular “old schoolˮ category.

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