The main weapon of the Breganze machine – or reborn Laverda, if you will, is not the parallel two-cylinder engine but the chassis. Only ultralight materials and the best of components available were used for its design. The chassis is based on a uniquely construed backbone frame, made of aluminum instead of steel or chromoly tubes one might expect. More precisely, the tubes and profiles are made of very special duralumin used in the aircraft industry under the name Ergal 7020. “It’s the best material you can choose for frame construction. Extremely light, perfectly tough. Besides, we wanted to offer our customers something really special,” says Davide Carboniero, the head designer and now also the president of the company Breganze Motociclette Italiane. “They developed the frame in Marostica and I must admit it’s a masterpiece. The motorbike in this frame is perfectly obedient. It doesn’t pull away in a curve, doesn’t tend to tip over or twist. The considerable vibrations of the engine are transferred anywhere but the handlebars. And on top of that, the whole frame only weights 7 kg! I wouldn’t have believed that, but the guys seemed to know their stuff pretty well. More than well.ˮ Carboniero spent a long time looking for a company that could manufacture the frames based on their plans and models. He could not find the quality he wanted, though, so they take care of frame production themselves in Breganza. “Swingarms and all the other milled parts are manufactured in a small company specialized in metalwork, located literally across the yard. Only the lightest and most luxurious materials available are used for the construction and the final components feature lightening holes in places one would never look for them… However D ́Angelo insists all calculations are correct, and there is software for everything. And I believe him – he seemed really trustworthy:-)” For the less observant – forks and absorbers are of course one of the high-end lines of Öhlins, brakes are Brembo or Galfer and the cherry on top of the cake – luxury light wire tubeless Kineo wheels. The total dry weight is 160 kg, so there’s definitely no lack of horsepower!

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