About us

The company Showroom MR43 is another enterprise of the successful Moravian businessman Martin Rigó, a former winning motorcycle racer under the number 43 – hence the name MR43.

The company was founded at the beginning of 2012 with the aim to sell exclusive motorcycles -new models as well as unique constructions based on our design or your wishes. Exclusive motorcycles require luxury clothes and helmets. The brands we carry are unique, luxurious and known by experts, but far from common.

It is our wish that our products make you feel special and help you to be different, stylish, individual and original!

Still not exactly what you were looking for? Let us know what you’re interested in and we will find it, arrange it or bring it for you from anywhere in the world… If it is a motorcycle, we will also register it.


Jirka Brouk

Sales, marketing, office management, service, spare parts, complaints

+420 775 671 665

praha@mr43.cz, (prodejna@mr43.cz)


Martin Rigó - owner


+420 777 665 905


Where to find us