The company CR&S (Café Racers & Superbikes) was founded in 1992 by Roberto Crepaldi, with a team focused on design, development a production of motorcycles. The company currently offers several versions of the naked bike VUN, combining a low weight with the engine Bombardier/Rotax with 652 cc displacement. The latest novelty is the DUU concept, combining features typical of Café Racers and Streetfighters with a futuristic design. CR&S DUU can be looked at as a motorcycle built around the engine. This concept is powered by the American air-cooled 1,916 cc V-twin engine S&S X-Wedge, which spins the rear single-sided wheel via chain. Besides the large two-cylinder the DUU also features an impressive frame, with its upper tube leading over the engine and doubling as a fuel tank neck. From a designer’s point of view, the headlights are also worth noticing as they are located in separate fairing along the sides of the front cylinder instead of the front fork.   CR&S DUU was introduced as a concept in Milan but the company plans to include the model in its product range along with the already manufactured one-cylinder VUN model. The first DUU hit the road in 2011 followed by other machines made to order and tailored to the individual customers. Both two-seater and single-seat version be available.

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